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[WH40K] Powering up the Haemotrope Reactors!

Fuelled with the blood of martyrs…

I totally fell in love with those reactors in the first place, so I ordered a box. The intention was to combine them with my Promethium Relay Pipes. GW said they would be perfectly compatible and I wanted to see, if that is the truth πŸ™‚

After one night of cutting out plastic pieces out of their frames and having no plastic glue at hand (shame on me). I got another night assembling my new stuff. I also had a box of 40K containers and there is a lot of stuff included!!

The size of the reactors
Before I got my hands on the reactors I searched the web and nobody said something about the size of those reactors! That’s why I will provide some images to give you an idea of how big they are.
A reactor is about 4.5 inches (11cm) tall and nearly 4,5 inches (11cm) wide and 2 inches (5cm) thick. I also took some pictures with miniatures. I think they will do great on the field!



Those reactors are huge!


The compatibility with the Promethium Relay Pipelines
In the first place I thought… uhh, this won’t fit! But then I saw it. They fit perfectly. A reactor has three possible conection points for a pipe and it looks great!
In the pictures you can see the difference between the two in the color. My reactors have a dark grey plastic color and the pipes are in light grey.



The REactors fit perfectly to the relay pipelines!


Current state of work
Until now I have one generator finished for painting. The other pieces are still unfinished. Here are some impressions.



My current state of work.


[WH40K] Promethium Relay Pipelines and Containers

The reason I’m not posting any news is, that I’ve become a father and my little son takes a lot of time πŸ™‚

But for my birthday I got some new stuff and that pushed a bit. And I’m willing to do some hobby stuff in the next weeks.
I got a pack of promethium relay pipelines and also some Warhammer 40.000 containers!! πŸ˜€


Warhammer 40.000 Containers

Warhammer 40.000 Containers from source

Promethium Relay Pipelines

Promethium Relay Pipelines from source


I could not resist and ordered a box of the Haemotrope Reactors, which should fit together with the pipelines and would give great pieces of terrain.


Haemotrope Reactors

Haemotrope Reactors from source

Haemotrope Reactors from source


I’ll post updates soon.




My Haemotrope Reactors have arrived πŸ™‚


[DZC] Scatter Terrain

Here is my finished scatter terrain. I’m using also these cheap n scale cars from Amazon and some awesome copys from the resistance vehicles, which are made by a friend of mine. These “plates” are plastic game cards and the base US made of blank ID cards, also from Amazon. I hope you like it. ο»Ώ


[CBT] Christmas Game

We played a game of classic battletech last week. It was a 2 on 2 with 2 mechs each player. During the game I realized, that the last game was long time ago and I find it is hard to get back into it.

The cool thing that day, was the battletech gaming board we used this evening. A friend of mine spend hours to create hundreds woden hex fields, which can be arranged in several ways to create awesome battlefields.


[BFG] Gaming mat with space theme


some weeks ago the bfg-fever broke out and I made some aquisitions. Among other things I purchased a really cool gaming mat on ebay from this merchant. There are plenty of those mats out there. The majority of them are dedicated to the star wars space game X-wing. This system can be played on a 90cmX90cm mat. I ordered the 120cmX180cm mat, which has the perfect size for medium and large gothic matches.

The cool thing about this mat, despite the fact that it looks really awesome, is that you can easily roll it out. I haven’t played on it yet, but I think the next game is not ralley far away πŸ™‚


[WH40K] Another container

Whohoo!! I finished another one. Just three more to go. Unfortunately my wood glue went out and I could not prepare the other container for the paint job. That’s why I grabbed my remaining chaos cultists and started to paint them. I just did it and it didn’t feel bad. I think I will finish them in the next two weeks… or not. That’s not for sure πŸ˜€

I was really excited when I spotted the Imperial Armor 13 on the forgeworld website as the standard version. The special edition appeared some weeks ago. My hope was, that the standard Version didn’t cost that much. Bit sadly it’s about 45 GBP. Just 5 gbp off the prizr from the special edition. This book covers the renegades independent from a campaign or so, wich did the last renegade lists.


[WH40K] Painting a container

Do you remember my playmobil container? I managed to finish this one πŸ™‚
The first container was an experiment. I tried some new technics. I started with a layer of rust. I used squig orange, blazing orange and rhinox hide to create a dirty rusty base color. After that layer dryed I applied a layer of liquid masking tape on specific areas on the container.
The next step was a layer of boltgun metal. I also applied some liquid masking tape around the area I put it the step before. The intention was to create a multilayer altering effect.
This was followed by a layer of green… I can’t remenber wich one. I just grabbed a can of green from my desk.

I thought it would be cool to have some lost containers from the all mighty imperium. In order to mark them I cutted out an aquilla template. I used an old overhead projector film. These films are very stable and you can get nice results with a sharp knife. It has to be very sharp…very sharp. Otherwise it’s is nearly impossible to get all the details from the aquilla. I’m quite happy with the result and I hope I never have to do this again. My heartbeat raises when I finished the last parts of the emblem… thhe body..yeah I saved the huge part for the end.

Unfortunately my sprayed auillas didn’t get as detailled as the template. Based on the structure of the surface I couldn’t get the template directly onto it. And so the result got a bit blurry. Perhabs I can optimize that for the future ones.

After the aquilla dryed I scraped of the liquid masking. After some time I realized, that I applied way too much of that thing onto the model. It costs really much time to locate the areas, where you put that stuff and then to remove it completely. I’m not really sure, but I think it is much faster to create those effects of rusty material afterwards with a tank brush and so on.

Finally I applied a mixture of rhinox hide and squig orange for some dirt effect. I realized that this won’t suffice. And I washed the whole container with agrax earthshade. Perhabs I will paint more details on the next one, but I wanted to finish this one yesterday.


[WH40K] Preparing the containers

This is a small post, where I want to show you my progress I made witch my playmobil containers. I treat them with my rotary tool. I at first took just two or better three of them. Just to test out the possibilites. Those playmobil plastic is very tough πŸ˜€ You need to apply a bit of force to get some good results. I decided not to close the slots on top of the containers. The problem was, that the surface of the plastic is very shiny. In order to prevent some aweful glnces from the interior of the containers I applied some black pimer onthe inner parts of the containers before I glued the top cover onto them. I glued the damaged containes on bases and applied some glue water and sand on them. That’s all for now πŸ™‚

[WH40K] Containers for the Battlefield

We had a game of Warhammer 40K this week and a friend of mine created some cargo containers as terrain pieces. I liked the result that much, that I decided to add some containers to my own collection of terrain pieces. But I quickly realized, that cheap and nice looking container kits are hard to find out there. I’m not the scratch-building-guy, so I try to find adequate kits for those purposes πŸ˜‰ Here we have a kit from italeri, wich is available at amazon for about 20€. The Scale is 1:24 and suitable for Warhammer. This guyΒ made a nice tutorial of how paint such a container.


From Source

It seems to be a nice Kit, but 20€ for each container results in a pretty expensive piece of terrain. Β I also found containers from Defiance Games. Those were a bit cheaper. You get two containers for about 25€.



From Source


Not really quite happy with those kits, I found some really nice containers from playmobil, wich I borrowed from my girlfriends son for some scaling pictures πŸ™‚


IMG_20140910_202245 IMG_20140910_202432



Those playmobil containers are larger than those 1:24 containers, but in my opinion they fit very well into the 40K universe. Those interplanetary cargo containers are a bit larger, because there so much stuff they have to put in there πŸ™‚ With a few modification they should be perfect. You get a set of one large and two small containers directly from playmobil for about 15€ (incl. taxes).

Here are some other pictures for inspiration matters. This guy also wrote a tutorial on how to paint containers. Here are some results.


From: source



I got a comment from a google+ user who uses these containers for his 40k terrain. They are defenitly affordable for 4.90€ each. He said, that those containers are comparable to a small red bull can.


sci-fi-big-container (1) sci-fi-big-container

From: source


I read this comment a bit to late, because I already ordered some of the playmobil containers mentioned above.

[WH40k] First Game 7th edition

Yes, we did it. This week we played a game with the rules of the 7th edition of warhammer 40k. I hate it when the writers try to capsulate the rules in a object oriented way, because they think it’s smart, but you end up scrolling through the book in order to get the rules for some basic things like ordnance weapons. wtf?? Since when are those basic rules some kind of special rule?? What is so special about a flamethrower? Those rules need to be written in the basic shooting section!! damimt!

But apart from that, the new edition is nice to play. Especially, this new dynamic mission goal system. It is pretty cool. The important goals change from turn to turn and you never know what comes next. This makes the game totally different than in the editions before.



IMG_20140909_201107 IMG_20140909_201115 IMG_20140909_201122 IMG_20140909_202548 IMG_20140909_205108 IMG_20140909_205158 IMG_20140909_215133 IMG_20140909_215137 IMG_20140909_215221 IMG_20140909_215238 IMG_20140909_231009 IMG_20140909_231144 IMG_20140909_231218 IMG_20140909_231224