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[DZC] PHR vs Scourge vs Resistance – Search

We played a pretty nice game of Dropzone Commander. We wanted to try the 2+ player missions and decided to play search. In this mission you place over 30 markers on the field and not only into buildings. Almost every unit except flyers can expose those markers. Under those markers are 5 mission objectives. The goal is to find those objectives and bring them back to your table corner. That’s right you start in a corner in this mission.

My 870 points skirmish list looked like this:

Breaching Drills [50 pts]
Breaching Drill: Model 109 Breaching Drill [50 pts]

Vehicle Detachment [173 pts]
Gun Wagons: 3x Gun Wagon, NT-1 Kraken [113 pts]
Rocket Technicals: 6x Rocket Technical [60 pts]

Resistance Band [244 pts]
Fighters: 2x Resistance Fighters, AT-77 Lifthawk, 3x MT-90 Jackson [148 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Fighters: 2x Resistance Fighters [48 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Fighters: 2x Resistance Fighters [48 pts]

Resistance Band [264 pts]
Veterans: 2x Occupation Veterans, NT-1 Kraken, 2x Battle Bus(+Rocket Launcher Battery) [168 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Fighters: 4x Resistance Fighters [96 pts]

Rusted Fist [135 pts]
Hannibals: 2x M9 Hannibal, AT-77 Lifthawk [135 pts]

Actually I had to prox the Occupation Veterans and the additional Fighters. I hadn’t painted them at that moment. That’s why you see these unpainted bases with marks V1,2 and F1,..,4. Sorry for that 😉

The game started pretty slowly. Everyone except our PHR player made very careful and defensive moves.
My first aggressive move was to place the drill behind the Scourge players lines. I wanted to surprise him a little bit. I had my Technicals ready to capture a marker right in front of him. And I got lucky and picked one! But I quickly realized that Technicals aren’t that tough. He wiped them out and I lost the objective.
Later on the Scourge and PHR got into a massive fire fight about… pretty much nothing, but they realized that too late 😀 In the meantime I found another objective and secured it with my Occupation Veterans. And I secured the afore mentioned objective with my Hannibals. But the PHR player also found two objectives and was able to secure them.
Within the last round the last objective was discovered by the Scourge and we all had to switch our tactics rapidly. Everyone tried to get that last objective, to win the game or just to save his honor 🙂
Actually nobody managed to take it from the Scourge, so the final result was:

PHR: 4 points, but more winning points
Res: 4 points
Scourge: 2 points


Final Thougts
Technicals are nice, but they are not that tough. So the drill should be placed in cover and the Technicals should also have cover all the time. I hadn’t that much contact to the enemy and did not gain so much experience. So I can’t tell anything about the close combat abilities of the Occupation Veterans or about the busses. I need to play more games for that.
But the 3 player mission is really cool. Since our group includes just three players, we can always have a nice game. Also this specific mission is really nice, but more than 5 objectives could bring more fun and tension to the game.

[DZC] Resistance vs. PHR 20.09.15

Due to the lack of time, my battle report for this game is really short. 😉

Today we had two nice games of Dropzone Commander. Both missions included the intelligent objective markers. We played again with the starter armys. The first match was decided by me.





In the second match we used all buildings we have and this made it really interesting. We also took about 90 points extra and I took some Fire Wagons in a Kraken transporter with me.





[DZC] Battlebus

I found some time to give my battle school bus some attention. I was asked to write a post about the way I painted my resistance rides. I’m not finished yet, but this bus is almost finished.
Because you can field those busses without the platform I wanted to find a good solution to remove it. After a while I figured out, that those crates on the platforms are thick enough to house a 1 mm neodyn magnet. So I drilled three holes into them and the busses. Some green stuff helped to hide those spots. And I was surprised that this solution works really well.
I gave the bus a base color with black spray and afterwards some white spray. That helped to paint the bus with golden yellow. After that I gave it some highlights with golden yellow and sunburts yellow and subsequently I added some white.
I wanted to make the bus look old, rusty and dirty. I used a mix of rhinox hide and water to paint all the recesses. I also painted the bottom of the bus. Like all Hawk wargames miniatures this one has astonishing details. Also those resistance fighters on top of the platform have amazing details. I need to take some time to paint them.



[DZC] Getting into Dropzone Commander

From source

It was about one year and a half ago, when I played my first game of dropzone commander, wich is produced by Hawk Wargames.

The game is about an invasion of an alien race, the scourge. The humanity is seperated into three factions. The UCM, the PHR and the Resistance. The UCM is some sort of imperial army fighting the enemys of mankind. The PHR is a group of people, which got a warning about the upcoming scourge invasion. They flewed and got superior knowlege. They are now a post-human cyborg army with superior technology. The last human faction is the resistance. The last survivors on the invaded human planets. They fight with everything they got. Oh, and there is another alien faction, the shaltari. They are like the eldar and necrons in one races.

From source

The interesting part of the game is the concept of different parts of your army, wich you activate successively with your opponent. Those groups include a dropship, which is a transporter, and tanks or infantry transporters including infantry. You perform all three (move, shoot, hand-to-hand) phases with this part of your army. After that your oponent activates his group. The whole game is based on those dropships, which transport the units to the front. Without them they would be to slow and never reach a tactical position.

The starterset includes basic city terrain with skyscrapers and a street plan made of paperboard.

My favorite faction is the Resistance. I like those old rusty cars and shabby busses, which are used to carry the troops and wargear to the front. They also got old tanks, hovercrafts and breaching drills. It’s a very interesting faction with a little flavour of mad max. They have some different elements in comparison to the other factions, like the drills and hovercrafts.

I purchased my first units of the resistance some weeks ago and I like those models. Those models have really awesome details. They also modeled the gear, the exhaust and small armor plates which are revited all over the vehicles. I chosed the gun wagons and a pack of battlebusses and magnetized the weapons of the wagons and the platforms of the battlebusses. I don’t own the rulebook from the resistance yet, but I read, that it is possible to field the busses without the platforms. I hope i can get the weapons for the wagons seperately in the future. Those people manning the platforms are small as hell, I have to repaint them another time… They have gas masks, faces and hair and… details.. o_O
Santa Claus brought me another wave of busses, flamer wagons and jackson APCs. I also ordered some technicals and the rulebook of the resistance.