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[DZC] PHR vs Scourge vs Resistance – Search

We played a pretty nice game of Dropzone Commander. We wanted to try the 2+ player missions and decided to play search. In this mission you place over 30 markers on the field and not only into buildings. Almost every unit except flyers can expose those markers. Under those markers are 5 mission objectives. The goal is to find those objectives and bring them back to your table corner. That’s right you start in a corner in this mission.

My 870 points skirmish list looked like this:

Breaching Drills [50 pts]
Breaching Drill: Model 109 Breaching Drill [50 pts]

Vehicle Detachment [173 pts]
Gun Wagons: 3x Gun Wagon, NT-1 Kraken [113 pts]
Rocket Technicals: 6x Rocket Technical [60 pts]

Resistance Band [244 pts]
Fighters: 2x Resistance Fighters, AT-77 Lifthawk, 3x MT-90 Jackson [148 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Fighters: 2x Resistance Fighters [48 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Fighters: 2x Resistance Fighters [48 pts]

Resistance Band [264 pts]
Veterans: 2x Occupation Veterans, NT-1 Kraken, 2x Battle Bus(+Rocket Launcher Battery) [168 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Fighters: 4x Resistance Fighters [96 pts]

Rusted Fist [135 pts]
Hannibals: 2x M9 Hannibal, AT-77 Lifthawk [135 pts]

Actually I had to prox the Occupation Veterans and the additional Fighters. I hadn’t painted them at that moment. That’s why you see these unpainted bases with marks V1,2 and F1,..,4. Sorry for that 😉

The game started pretty slowly. Everyone except our PHR player made very careful and defensive moves.
My first aggressive move was to place the drill behind the Scourge players lines. I wanted to surprise him a little bit. I had my Technicals ready to capture a marker right in front of him. And I got lucky and picked one! But I quickly realized that Technicals aren’t that tough. He wiped them out and I lost the objective.
Later on the Scourge and PHR got into a massive fire fight about… pretty much nothing, but they realized that too late 😀 In the meantime I found another objective and secured it with my Occupation Veterans. And I secured the afore mentioned objective with my Hannibals. But the PHR player also found two objectives and was able to secure them.
Within the last round the last objective was discovered by the Scourge and we all had to switch our tactics rapidly. Everyone tried to get that last objective, to win the game or just to save his honor 🙂
Actually nobody managed to take it from the Scourge, so the final result was:

PHR: 4 points, but more winning points
Res: 4 points
Scourge: 2 points


Final Thougts
Technicals are nice, but they are not that tough. So the drill should be placed in cover and the Technicals should also have cover all the time. I hadn’t that much contact to the enemy and did not gain so much experience. So I can’t tell anything about the close combat abilities of the Occupation Veterans or about the busses. I need to play more games for that.
But the 3 player mission is really cool. Since our group includes just three players, we can always have a nice game. Also this specific mission is really nice, but more than 5 objectives could bring more fun and tension to the game.

[DZC] Resistance vs. PHR 20.09.15

Due to the lack of time, my battle report for this game is really short. 😉

Today we had two nice games of Dropzone Commander. Both missions included the intelligent objective markers. We played again with the starter armys. The first match was decided by me.





In the second match we used all buildings we have and this made it really interesting. We also took about 90 points extra and I took some Fire Wagons in a Kraken transporter with me.





[WH40K] Maelstrom Game 1000P Chaos vs Tau

This Tuesday we played the maelstrom mission tactical escalation with 1000 points. My chaos army faced the tau army of a friend of mine. I like these new tacticel objective thing. The game gets really dynamical and you never know exactly what will make a valueable objective in the next phase. According to that all my warhammer 40k games I played before seem to be totally static.
I realized that my new playmobil containers give excellent cover. The battlefield is totally different now. I like them and have to give them a bit attention next week.
The best units in this game were my predator, my old or new landraider and … my cultists 😀 Yeah, they totally rocked during this game. My Tau enemy flanked a unit of ghosts behind my frontline and played a cat-and-mouse-game with my forces. I hate this jump-away-movement in the end of the hand-to-hand-combat phase. But my cultists nailed them down and ended this situation. And additionally they captured an objective for me. Very disappointing was my bike squadron. They managed to charge the broadside battlesuit from my oponent, but it took three rounds to take him down. I hate that energy weapons only got ds 3…
Whatever, it was a really nice and enjoying game 🙂


[WH40k] First Game 7th edition

Yes, we did it. This week we played a game with the rules of the 7th edition of warhammer 40k. I hate it when the writers try to capsulate the rules in a object oriented way, because they think it’s smart, but you end up scrolling through the book in order to get the rules for some basic things like ordnance weapons. wtf?? Since when are those basic rules some kind of special rule?? What is so special about a flamethrower? Those rules need to be written in the basic shooting section!! damimt!

But apart from that, the new edition is nice to play. Especially, this new dynamic mission goal system. It is pretty cool. The important goals change from turn to turn and you never know what comes next. This makes the game totally different than in the editions before.



IMG_20140909_201107 IMG_20140909_201115 IMG_20140909_201122 IMG_20140909_202548 IMG_20140909_205108 IMG_20140909_205158 IMG_20140909_215133 IMG_20140909_215137 IMG_20140909_215221 IMG_20140909_215238 IMG_20140909_231009 IMG_20140909_231144 IMG_20140909_231218 IMG_20140909_231224


[WH40K] Battlereport






I haven’t played Warhammer 40K for month. So we grabbed our figures and threw some dices. We organized a game of 9000pts with six people. The two teams were rolled. Team A includes Chaos, Chaos and Dark Eldar. Team B includes Chaos, Dark Eldar and Tyranids. I was in team A. I got some new chaos units, wich never had seen the battlefield. So I added my forge fiend and a five man team havocs to my army. In the previos two editions of Warhammer 40k I always used a deamon prince, some bikes and some havocs, but I never played such a configuration with the current edition.

We played “search and secure”. Part of this mission is the protection of six mission goals. The initial allocation of the mission goals is A(4,3,1) and B(2,2). Team A holds three mission goals with the values 4, 3 and 1. Analogical holds the team B goals with the values 2 and 2. There were no nightfight in the first turns.

turn 1

Before we started turn 1, we took a break and grilled some meat 🙂
Team A started the first turn and brought their troops into position. My havocs and my forgefiend took down 2 Dark Eldar raiders, wich slowed down the advance of team B. The Dark Eldar player on my site also took down a raider with one of his own raiders.

Team B started an attack on the left flank, wich was my flank. The Dark Eldar were on the move. The Tyranid player holds his midposition. He managed to shoot down a Dark Eldar raider, wich includes some grotesques. These tried to reach the Tyranid position and now had to walk. The Chaos player from team B entrenched himself in a building and his bastion.
After this turn the mission goals distribution were as follows: A(4,3) B(2,2)

IMG_20140420_143851 IMG_20140420_151616 IMG_20140420_163154 IMG_20140420_170038

turn 2
My deamonprince arrived in turn 2 and supported my chaos fellow on our right flank. There were not enough cover, that’s why I placed him behind the only building in range. I thought he might get useful in the following turns. We concentrated our fire on the tyranids. The Dark Eldar truborn and vipers managed to take out some tyranid hive guards, wich entrenched with the other tyranids in a building. Also the noise marines took out a tyranid toxotrophe.
Team B managed to bring their helldrake into the game and he took out three noise marines. The chaos player also brought in his vindicator. Additional two alpha trygones appeared on my left flank. These things have a huge punch. The result of this turn was the loss of my forgefiend. The mission goals were still in the same hands: A(4,3) B(2,2)
IMG_20140420_173300 IMG_20140420_174016 IMG_20140420_174138 IMG_20140420_181156

turn 3
Finally our two helldrakes arrived (my helldrake is proxed with a hellblade model from forgeworld), but they did’nt do much damage. Our Dark Eldar player took another mission goal. I attacked one of the alpha trygons with my raptors and my bikes. He lost some of his life points but took them out in hand to hand combat. It was a desperate move. My deamonprince took out a Dark Eldar raider. After that he stood out in the open without cover.
The tyranids utilized that and took him out. The alpha trygon took out some Dark Eldar jet bikes.
The mission goals distribution: A(4,3,3) B(2,2)
The Dark Eldar player from team B left the game.


IMG_20140420_181206 IMG_20140420_184705 IMG_20140420_193224


turn 4
I attacked the tyranid entrechment with my chaos space marines and the exocrine fell. My havocs and the Dark Eldar shot down the first alpha trygon. The vyper and the ravager took down the other one. Some other Dark Eldar took out the last tyranid warriors. That’S why team B lost a mission marker with two points.
The chaos helldrake from team B took out almost one of my chaos space marine squads. The other one was attacked by the hive tyrand, but they stodd their ground.
The result of this turn: A(4,3,3) B(2)



turn 5
The night began and the view was limited. We attacked with our two helldrakes the other one, but he got away with 1 hull point. My chaos space marines lost the battle against the hive tyrant and retreated. The last noise marine took out the bastions laser, wich was really annoying, because it had a pretty good view over the battlefield.
Team B started an advance. The Chaos cultists left the security of the bastion and headed towards a very valuable mission goal, wich was hold by some Dark Eldar forces. The tyranids smahed through my Chaos space marines. The halldrake with one hull point moved towards our most valuable mission goals, but couldn’t wipe out the troops holding them. After this turn the helldrakes regenerates one hull point.
A(4,3) B(2)





turn 6
We rolled for another turn. Our two helldrakes attacked the Chaos cultists and wiped them out. Only the witcher remained. An obliterator from my fellow chaos player tried to shoot a plasmacanon and overloaded his weapon. He died.
The helldrake attacked the valuable mission goal again, but a fearless Dark Eldar wrack remained.

A(4,3,1) B(2)
IMG_20140420_204903 IMG_20140420_204916


turn 7
The dice told us to play another turn. I wanted to neutralize the only mission goal, wich team B holds. In this mission also fast attack units can hold mission goals and the helldrake is a fast attack. He wasn’t able to take out two units at once so I went into hover mode and hoped, that he would survive this last turn. Our Dark Eldar revenger managed to take out the other helldrake. The remaining Dark Eldar fought against the Word Bearers and killed the witcher. Unfortunatly they had no units to hold the mission goal.
The remaining forces from team B tried to clean out their last mission goal and concentrated their fire on my helldrake. He got two damage points. They attacked him in the hand to hand combat phase and managed to achieve two penetration hits, wich I couldn’t prevent. So he went down.
A(4,3,1) B(2)

IMG_20140420_211338 IMG_20140420_211909

Team A got seven points for their mission marker goals, one point for taking out a warlord, one point for a breakthrough, and took out two fast attack units. So team A got 13 points. Team B got one remaining mission marker , took out my deamon prince and two fast attack units. Team B got 7 points.

The game was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed playing Warhammer, wich I didn’t do for such a long time 🙂