[WH40K] A new Predator

Actually it was some time ago I ended this project, but I didn’t found the time to write about it. I sold my old preds on ebay and got me this new one. I like the “new” design. My old Chaos tanks were littered with spikes, skulls, blood, and this stuff, but

I found a Chaos front from Forgeworld in my Bitzbox. I also magenetize all the weapon options. This brings a bit more flexibility.
I started with black primer.
After that I dry bruched the whole tank with a mix of Squig Orange and a dark brown followed by Boltgun Metal. I washed the whole tank with Nuln Oil. and brushed it again with Boltgun Metal.
After the dry brushing with metal I intensified the left rust marks with Squig Orange and the metal scratches with Mirthil Silver. I also painted the chaotic fixtures with Shining Gold and hilghighted them with a mix of Shining Gold and Mirthil Silver.
An Iron Warriors tank also needs those black and yellow stripe sheme somewhere and I decided to put it just on the side weapons so the tank wouldn’t look too overloaded. I started with a layer of Skull White followed by Golden Yellow and a mix of Golden Yellow and Sunburst Yellow. I added a layer of Gryphone Sepia to produce some shades. Then I painted the black stripes with Chaos Black. After that I highlighted the yellow area with a mix of Golden Yellow, Sunburst Yellow and Skull White. I repeated that by adding some more Skull White. I also gave the black stripes a highlight with a mix of Chaos Black and Skull White.
I really like the result. It’s definetly an Iron Warriors tank, but it looks clean.

[WH40K] The big Clash

For a very long time, we had no Warhammer 40.000 game and I took the move to my new apartment building as a reason for a nice 6000 points game with my old friends. This was planned for a long time, because I had to make sure that everybody had the time to come. We were 5 people and I took over two nice Chaos armies, which I easily build from my nearly endless stock of Chaos miniatures.. 😀 The others fielded Astra Militarium, Tau, Blood Angels and Necrons. For the sake of fluff we made two teams, the good and the bad. We played the scenario “Tactical Escalation”, which is my favorite one. In this scenario you make extensive use of the tactical mission objectives. The number of objectives each player holds has to equal the turn number. So, in the first turn you got one objective, in the second two and so on. We declared each side as one player in terms of objectives, because this could really go crazy. Additionally, the scenario allowed us to play over the long sides, what we did. We played on my standard Games Workshop battlefield with some GW buildings and my containers. I didn’t take notes, so the report is just from my memory.
After all minis got planted, we rolled for the initiative and the bad guys, including me :), won. Our troops moved forward into better positions. Our ambition was to claim the best positions in the center of the field for us, so that the good guys had a hard time to pass it. There were three main corridors, which basically went straight through. Our shooting units got into a good firing position. The shooting phase didn’t produce any interesting results, which was bad for us. After that, it was the good guys turn end they also moved forward, but carefully. In their shooting phase they took down one of my Chaos bike squadrons, whish was charging on our left flank. But in the end, the first turn was a bit uneventful.
Later the events followed. I will now just mention some highlights. My Chaos Forgefiend nearly took out a whole Blood Angles Jump Squad, including the priest. After that it was shot into pieces like always. During the whole game the Imperial Basilisk annoyed our forces and took out plenty of Necrons and other unworthy troops like Cultists. It took a while to take him out. The main fight took places in the center of the game, two objective marker were placed there and both teams needed to get them. The Imperial frontline mostly stayed static. At turn three or four some of them advanced and left a Chimera right in the line of fire. Due to lack of targets my Preditor shoot at it and it exploded in a huge explosion taking out plenty of Imperials, Necrons, Chaos Cultists and Blood Angels. This was a huge surprise for everyone. The building on our right flank was the location of a massive bloody close combat between Blood Angels, Chaos Cultists and Plague Marines. The Chaos Forces were inferior till the Deamon Prince arrived. He smashed the remaining Sons of Sanguinius away. On our right flank a Tau Krisis team hold a very important objective, which was worthy two points for us. We took plenty of forces to get it, but in the end the Tau Commander survived and our we couldn’t fullfil these two goals.

After five turns and eight hours of gaming the result was clear. The good guys won with one point more. They managed to secure a point, which also had a value of two points, because they got two mission objectives for it. The sad thing about that one was, that one of my Plague Marines stood only one floor away and till the end I thought was near enough to contest the objective marker.

Final Thoughts
It was a really nice game with plenty of cool and also funny moments. The battlefield is a little bit to small to play a 6000 points game over the long sides and the long break from Warhammer 40.000 resulted in plenty of reading sessions. Is it just me, or are the rules splitted and referenced too much? To clarify one situation I had to read through 4 sections or so… hm.. practice!!


[DZC] PHR vs. Scourge 13.07.15

Last monday we had a nice game of Dropzone Commander. The game only includes the PHR and Scourge armys from the starte sets. I think the armys have a value of about 540 points. The played scenario was the standard mission with three objective markers placed in the center of the city board.

Phase 1
The PHR player quickly moved forward to the center mission goal. The Scourge player made a pincer movement and flanked both sides of the PHR forces.

Phase 2
The PHR player got the initiative and entered the center building with both of his Immortal squadrons. The Scourge player entered the building with the southern mission objective with one of his fighter squadrons. The other Squadron took its way to the northern objective marker. The PHR player placed his Phobos anti air walkers at the back of the center building to secure his Immortals. In the south the Scourge Reaper battlegroup got into place to cut the return way of the Immortals for the case they would find the objective. The PHR Ares walkers were dropped near the northern mission objective and so were the Reaper tanks.

Phase 3
This time the Scourge player won the initiative and attacked the Ares walkers and damaged one of them. The Ares walkers fired at the Invader transporter, which headed to the northern objective and destroyed it, but the fighters survived. The Scourge Reapers attacked Neptune medium dropship, which belonged to the infantry battlegroup. The Neptune got 1 lifepoint left. The PHR player attacked the Scourge Hunters with no effect. They also fired their machineguns at the Scourge infantry, also with no effect. The infantry moved on by foot. The sourthern Scourge troops manned the walls and took a concentrated shot at the Immortals in the center building resulting two damage points. The Immortals attacked the walking Scourge infantry an destroyed two bases and left the last one with 2 LPs. The Juno transporters attacked the Reaper tanks and destroyed one.

Phase 4
The Scourge Player got the initiative a second time and attacked the Ares walkers and destroyed them. The PHR player activeted his Phobos walkers and took down the Hunters dropship and also killed the last infantry base. The Scourge fighters in the southern building didn’t manage to find the objective and shot at the Immortals another time. The building got 7 damage points. The PHR player activated his Ares dropship and attacked the Reapers managing to take one out. The last Reaper flew to not get shot in the next phase. The PHR Immortals found the objective, but stayed in the building. The PHR player fearde the remaining Reaper and decided to wait till it got taken out. The Immortals instead killed one Hunter tank.

Phase 5
This phase was the critical one. The PHR got the initiative and attacked the Hunters with his Phobos walkers. They left one tank alive. The Scourge Reaper managed to take out the Neptune dropship of the PHR infantry battlegroup. From now on the objective was nailed to the center building. The last chance for the PHR player was to clear the path for his Junos, but the desperate act to attack the last Hunter with his dropship failed. Additionaly the Scourge infantry found the objective and managed to get away with it. This was the end of the game.
I really enjoyed this small game, although I just wrote down the protocol 😀
Maybe, next time my Resistance forces are ready 🙂

[DZC] Battlebus

I found some time to give my battle school bus some attention. I was asked to write a post about the way I painted my resistance rides. I’m not finished yet, but this bus is almost finished.
Because you can field those busses without the platform I wanted to find a good solution to remove it. After a while I figured out, that those crates on the platforms are thick enough to house a 1 mm neodyn magnet. So I drilled three holes into them and the busses. Some green stuff helped to hide those spots. And I was surprised that this solution works really well.
I gave the bus a base color with black spray and afterwards some white spray. That helped to paint the bus with golden yellow. After that I gave it some highlights with golden yellow and sunburts yellow and subsequently I added some white.
I wanted to make the bus look old, rusty and dirty. I used a mix of rhinox hide and water to paint all the recesses. I also painted the bottom of the bus. Like all Hawk wargames miniatures this one has astonishing details. Also those resistance fighters on top of the platform have amazing details. I need to take some time to paint them.



[BFG] First Match of the year

Awesome, we found some time to play a nice game of battlefleet gothic. Two fleets of 2000p faced each other. It was a classical showdown between the empire of mankind and the forces of chaos. We played the scenario escalation. The chaos forces dominated the whole game. The imperial forces had no chance.
Sadly my camera produced corrupt pictures and that’s why there aren’t very much good pictures left.

[DZC] Getting into Dropzone Commander

From source

It was about one year and a half ago, when I played my first game of dropzone commander, wich is produced by Hawk Wargames.

The game is about an invasion of an alien race, the scourge. The humanity is seperated into three factions. The UCM, the PHR and the Resistance. The UCM is some sort of imperial army fighting the enemys of mankind. The PHR is a group of people, which got a warning about the upcoming scourge invasion. They flewed and got superior knowlege. They are now a post-human cyborg army with superior technology. The last human faction is the resistance. The last survivors on the invaded human planets. They fight with everything they got. Oh, and there is another alien faction, the shaltari. They are like the eldar and necrons in one races.

From source

The interesting part of the game is the concept of different parts of your army, wich you activate successively with your opponent. Those groups include a dropship, which is a transporter, and tanks or infantry transporters including infantry. You perform all three (move, shoot, hand-to-hand) phases with this part of your army. After that your oponent activates his group. The whole game is based on those dropships, which transport the units to the front. Without them they would be to slow and never reach a tactical position.

The starterset includes basic city terrain with skyscrapers and a street plan made of paperboard.

My favorite faction is the Resistance. I like those old rusty cars and shabby busses, which are used to carry the troops and wargear to the front. They also got old tanks, hovercrafts and breaching drills. It’s a very interesting faction with a little flavour of mad max. They have some different elements in comparison to the other factions, like the drills and hovercrafts.

I purchased my first units of the resistance some weeks ago and I like those models. Those models have really awesome details. They also modeled the gear, the exhaust and small armor plates which are revited all over the vehicles. I chosed the gun wagons and a pack of battlebusses and magnetized the weapons of the wagons and the platforms of the battlebusses. I don’t own the rulebook from the resistance yet, but I read, that it is possible to field the busses without the platforms. I hope i can get the weapons for the wagons seperately in the future. Those people manning the platforms are small as hell, I have to repaint them another time… They have gas masks, faces and hair and… details.. o_O
Santa Claus brought me another wave of busses, flamer wagons and jackson APCs. I also ordered some technicals and the rulebook of the resistance.


[CBT] Christmas Game

We played a game of classic battletech last week. It was a 2 on 2 with 2 mechs each player. During the game I realized, that the last game was long time ago and I find it is hard to get back into it.

The cool thing that day, was the battletech gaming board we used this evening. A friend of mine spend hours to create hundreds woden hex fields, which can be arranged in several ways to create awesome battlefields.


[BFG] Gaming mat with space theme


some weeks ago the bfg-fever broke out and I made some aquisitions. Among other things I purchased a really cool gaming mat on ebay from this merchant. There are plenty of those mats out there. The majority of them are dedicated to the star wars space game X-wing. This system can be played on a 90cmX90cm mat. I ordered the 120cmX180cm mat, which has the perfect size for medium and large gothic matches.

The cool thing about this mat, despite the fact that it looks really awesome, is that you can easily roll it out. I haven’t played on it yet, but I think the next game is not ralley far away 🙂


[BFG] New cruisers

I searched through my never ending bitz box (it’s really huge ;)) and found some old battlefleet gothic cruisers. The original painting theme is regal blue or kantor blue and white, but I wanted to try a new one.
The basecoat is black followed by white primer. I washed them with agrax earthshade and nuln oil at some areas, wich are more located to the center of the ship.
For the bow I shosed the original colors of my old fleet.


[BFG] Bombers, fighters and torpedos

Some months ago I purchased some bomber, fighter and torpedo models from http://www.shapeways.com. This is a platform where you can order 3d printed models and somebody took the time to create these ones. They should replace the card board markers from the battlefleet gothic base set.

I started with a black primer. After that I sprinkled some “stars” onto the base of the models with white color. I do this with all of my bfg models, because in my opinion it brings a bit more atmosphere. I painted all the ships and torpedos with two layers of astronomican grey. These 3d printed models have a rough surface und you need to paint two or more layers to get a got effect. The next step was a wash with nuln oil. Finally the models got a finish with a mix of white and astronomican grey and the torpedos got a red head with evil suns scarlet and squig orange.
I really like the result and I think I will paint more soon.