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[WH40K] Kitbashing an Iron Warriors KillTeam

After a nice KillTeam match with my friends, I got the idea of creating a unique team of old battle forged veterans. Luckily, nobody bought my chaos chosen from Ebay. So I decided to start with them. They look really good, very unique and characterful.

I started with the guy wearing the cool Bolter. I removed the Bolter and gave him a Plasmagun. I realized earlier, that this weapon is good in KillTeam games. He also got an Iron Warriors shoulder pad from Forgeworld to show his affiliation to the legion.

The second man should be armed with an Autocannon. He would play the role of a sniper, maybe with the special ability to shoot at two models. Due to the lack of an Autocannon I made my own from a Heavy Bolter and a Machinegun, but it looked too massive. I shorted the barrel after some time of thinking.

The third man was a normal guy with a chainsword, a Bolter and a Boltpistol.

After him I thought of getting another Plasmagun carrier and I wanted to go further with the modding of those chosen. This one was challenging, because I fully changed his pose and I like the result.

A leader was missing and this one should look great! And should, like a real Iron Warrior, wear a Servoarm. Although, there are no rules for that tool.

The last member took some time to think about. I also had the 200 points maximum in my head, because I also want to add 10 cultists to my team. And that’s why I could not take another Plasmagun with me. So a Flamer should do it. I call him the crazy Pyro and gave him the backpack of the old chaos rocket guy to give him a lot of explosive stuff.

I’m looking forward to play a game with them ๐Ÿ™‚
KillTeam is really inspiring and I’m already thinking of building teams for other armies as well. You don’t need to collect a huge army to have nice games. Just a small group of trained veteran characters with a lot of personality. It is helpful to have a huge bitzbox ๐Ÿ˜‰


[WH40K] Powering up the Haemotrope Reactors!

Fuelled with the blood of martyrs…

I totally fell in love with those reactors in the first place, so I ordered a box. The intention was to combine them with my Promethium Relay Pipes. GW said they would be perfectly compatible and I wanted to see, if that is the truth ๐Ÿ™‚

After one night of cutting out plastic pieces out of their frames and having no plastic glue at hand (shame on me). I got another night assembling my new stuff. I also had a box of 40K containers and there is a lot of stuff included!!

The size of the reactors
Before I got my hands on the reactors I searched the web and nobody said something about the size of those reactors! That’s why I will provide some images to give you an idea of how big they are.
A reactor is about 4.5 inches (11cm) tall and nearly 4,5 inches (11cm) wide and 2 inches (5cm) thick. I also took some pictures with miniatures. I think they will do great on the field!



Those reactors are huge!


The compatibility with the Promethium Relay Pipelines
In the first place I thought… uhh, this won’t fit! But then I saw it. They fit perfectly. A reactor has three possible conection points for a pipe and it looks great!
In the pictures you can see the difference between the two in the color. My reactors have a dark grey plastic color and the pipes are in light grey.



The REactors fit perfectly to the relay pipelines!


Current state of work
Until now I have one generator finished for painting. The other pieces are still unfinished. Here are some impressions.



My current state of work.


[WH40K] Promethium Relay Pipelines and Containers

The reason I’m not posting any news is, that I’ve become a father and my little son takes a lot of time ๐Ÿ™‚

But for my birthday I got some new stuff and that pushed a bit. And I’m willing to do some hobby stuff in the next weeks.
I got a pack of promethium relay pipelines and also some Warhammer 40.000 containers!! ๐Ÿ˜€


Warhammer 40.000 Containers

Warhammer 40.000 Containers from source

Promethium Relay Pipelines

Promethium Relay Pipelines from source


I could not resist and ordered a box of the Haemotrope Reactors, which should fit together with the pipelines and would give great pieces of terrain.


Haemotrope Reactors

Haemotrope Reactors from source

Haemotrope Reactors from source


I’ll post updates soon.




My Haemotrope Reactors have arrived ๐Ÿ™‚


[WH40K] A new Predator

Actually it was some time ago I endedย this project, but I didn’t found the time to write about it. I sold my old preds on ebay and got me this new one. I like the “new” design. My old Chaos tanks were littered with spikes, skulls, blood, and this stuff, but

I found a Chaos front from Forgeworld in my Bitzbox. I also magenetize all the weapon options. This brings a bit more flexibility.
I started with black primer.
After that I dry bruched the whole tank with a mix of Squig Orange and a dark brown followed by Boltgun Metal. I washed the whole tank with Nuln Oil. and brushed it again with Boltgun Metal.
After the dry brushing with metal I intensified the left rust marks with Squig Orange and the metal scratches with Mirthil Silver. I also painted the chaotic fixtures with Shining Gold and hilghighted them with a mix of Shining Gold and Mirthil Silver.
An Iron Warriors tank also needs those black and yellow stripe sheme somewhere and I decided to put it just on the side weapons so the tank wouldn’t look too overloaded.ย I started with a layer of Skull White followed by Golden Yellow and a mix of Golden Yellow and Sunburst Yellow. I added a layer of Gryphone Sepia to produce some shades. Then I painted the black stripes with Chaos Black. After that I highlighted the yellow area with a mix of Golden Yellow, Sunburst Yellow and Skull White. I repeated that by adding some more Skull White. I also gave the black stripes a highlight with a mix of Chaos Black and Skull White.
I really like the result. It’s definetly an Iron Warriors tank, but it looks clean.

[WH40K] The big Clash

For a very long time, we had no Warhammer 40.000 game and I took the move to my new apartment building as a reason for a nice 6000 points game with my old friends. This was planned for a long time, because I had to make sure that everybody had the time to come. We were 5 people and I took over two nice Chaos armies, which I easily build from my nearly endless stock of Chaos miniatures.. ๐Ÿ˜€ The others fielded Astra Militarium, Tau, Blood Angels and Necrons. For the sake of fluff we made two teams, the good and the bad. We played the scenario “Tactical Escalation”, which is my favorite one. In this scenario you make extensive use of the tactical mission objectives. The number of objectives each player holds has to equal the turn number. So, in the first turn you got one objective, in the second two and so on. We declared each side as one player in terms of objectives, because this could really go crazy. Additionally, the scenario allowed us to play over the long sides, what we did. We played on my standard Games Workshop battlefield with some GW buildings and my containers. I didn’t take notes, so the report is just from my memory.
After all minis got planted, we rolled for the initiative and the bad guys, including me :), won. Our troops moved forward into better positions. Ourย ambitionย was to claim the best positions in the center of the field for us, so that the good guys had a hard time to pass it. There were three main corridors, which basically went straight through. Our shooting units got into a good firing position. The shooting phase didn’t produce any interesting results, which was bad for us. After that, it was the good guys turn end they also moved forward, but carefully. In their shooting phase they took down one of my Chaos bike squadrons, whish was charging on our left flank. But in the end, the first turn was a bit uneventful.
Later the events followed. I will now just mention some highlights. My Chaos Forgefiend nearly took out a whole Blood Angles Jump Squad, including the priest. After that it was shot into pieces like always. During the whole game the Imperial Basilisk annoyed our forces and took out plenty of Necrons and other unworthy troops like Cultists. It took a while to take him out. The main fight took places in the center of the game, two objective marker were placed there and both teams needed to get them. The Imperial frontline mostly stayed static. At turn three or four some of them advanced and left a Chimera right in the line of fire. Due to lack of targets my Preditor shoot at it and it exploded in a huge explosion taking out plenty of Imperials, Necrons, Chaos Cultists and Blood Angels. This was a huge surprise for everyone. The building on our right flank was the location of a massive bloody close combat between Blood Angels, Chaos Cultists and Plague Marines. The Chaos Forces were inferior till the Deamon Prince arrived. He smashed the remaining Sons of Sanguinius away. On our right flank a Tau Krisis team hold a very important objective, which was worthy two points for us. We took plenty of forces to get it, but in the end the Tau Commander survived and our we couldn’t fullfil these two goals.

After five turns and eight hours of gaming the result was clear. The good guys won with one point more. They managed to secure a point, which also had a value of two points, because they got two mission objectives for it. The sad thing about that one was, that one of my Plague Marines stood only one floor away and till the end I thought was near enough to contest the objective marker.

Final Thoughts
It was a really nice game with plenty of cool and also funny moments. The battlefield is a little bit to small to play a 6000 points game over the long sides and the long break from Warhammer 40.000 resulted in plenty of reading sessions. Is it just me, or are the rules splitted and referenced too much? To clarify one situation I had to read through 4 sections or so… hm.. practice!!


[WH40K] My first Ravenwing Biker

This evening I had the idea to start painting one of my Dark Angels Ravenwing Bikers from my Dark Vengeance Box. And I have to say, that it is not easy to get satisfiable accents on this black color.
I started with a mix of Astronomican Grey and Chaos Black, followed by a mix with more grey. Finally I added slight accents with pure grey. I figured out, that there are parts of the model, where it is nice to use the side of the brush and other areas where it is easier to paint the accents directly with the tip of the brush.

But the result doesn’t really satisfy me. I think I have to look for a better technic. The problem with the Ravenwing is, that the primary color is black. The model is black everywhere and you just got those grey accents to work out all the details of the model.

Is there anyone out there with a good idea? I have no airbrush! I already found some technics wich use an airbrush, those won’t work for me.


[WH40K] Chaos Cultists Part… the last one

Here is an update on my chaos cultists. I like those models, but the huge amount of details consume so much time to paint. I also took a picture of my current reactiveted chaos army. And there are some shots of a project I paused some month ago. I don’t know when, but I will work on those squig herders again some day ๐Ÿ™‚


[WH40K] Another container

Whohoo!! I finished another one. Just three more to go. Unfortunately my wood glue went out and I could not prepare the other container for the paint job. That’s why I grabbed my remaining chaos cultists and started to paint them. I just did it and it didn’t feel bad. I think I will finish them in the next two weeks… or not. That’s not for sure ๐Ÿ˜€

I was really excited when I spotted the Imperial Armor 13 on the forgeworld website as the standard version. The special edition appeared some weeks ago. My hope was, that the standard Version didn’t cost that much. Bit sadly it’s about 45 GBP. Just 5 gbp off the prizr from the special edition. This book covers the renegades independent from a campaign or so, wich did the last renegade lists.


[WH40K] Painting a container

Do you remember my playmobil container? I managed to finish this one ๐Ÿ™‚
The first container was an experiment. I tried some new technics. I started with a layer of rust. I used squig orange, blazing orange and rhinox hide to create a dirty rusty base color. After that layer dryed I applied a layer of liquid masking tape on specific areas on the container.
The next step was a layer of boltgun metal. I also applied some liquid masking tape around the area I put it the step before. The intention was to create a multilayer altering effect.
This was followed by a layer of green… I can’t remenber wich one. I just grabbed a can of green from my desk.

I thought it would be cool to have some lost containers from the all mighty imperium. In order to mark them I cutted out an aquilla template. I used an old overhead projector film. These films are very stable and you can get nice results with a sharp knife. It has to be very sharp…very sharp. Otherwise it’s is nearly impossible to get all the details from the aquilla. I’m quite happy with the result and I hope I never have to do this again. My heartbeat raises when I finished the last parts of the emblem… thhe body..yeah I saved the huge part for the end.

Unfortunately my sprayed auillas didn’t get as detailled as the template. Based on the structure of the surface I couldn’t get the template directly onto it. And so the result got a bit blurry. Perhabs I can optimize that for the future ones.

After the aquilla dryed I scraped of the liquid masking. After some time I realized, that I applied way too much of that thing onto the model. It costs really much time to locate the areas, where you put that stuff and then to remove it completely. I’m not really sure, but I think it is much faster to create those effects of rusty material afterwards with a tank brush and so on.

Finally I applied a mixture of rhinox hide and squig orange for some dirt effect. I realized that this won’t suffice. And I washed the whole container with agrax earthshade. Perhabs I will paint more details on the next one, but I wanted to finish this one yesterday.