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[WH40K] The big Clash

For a very long time, we had no Warhammer 40.000 game and I took the move to my new apartment building as a reason for a nice 6000 points game with my old friends. This was planned for a long time, because I had to make sure that everybody had the time to come. We were 5 people and I took over two nice Chaos armies, which I easily build from my nearly endless stock of Chaos miniatures.. 😀 The others fielded Astra Militarium, Tau, Blood Angels and Necrons. For the sake of fluff we made two teams, the good and the bad. We played the scenario “Tactical Escalation”, which is my favorite one. In this scenario you make extensive use of the tactical mission objectives. The number of objectives each player holds has to equal the turn number. So, in the first turn you got one objective, in the second two and so on. We declared each side as one player in terms of objectives, because this could really go crazy. Additionally, the scenario allowed us to play over the long sides, what we did. We played on my standard Games Workshop battlefield with some GW buildings and my containers. I didn’t take notes, so the report is just from my memory.
After all minis got planted, we rolled for the initiative and the bad guys, including me :), won. Our troops moved forward into better positions. Our ambition was to claim the best positions in the center of the field for us, so that the good guys had a hard time to pass it. There were three main corridors, which basically went straight through. Our shooting units got into a good firing position. The shooting phase didn’t produce any interesting results, which was bad for us. After that, it was the good guys turn end they also moved forward, but carefully. In their shooting phase they took down one of my Chaos bike squadrons, whish was charging on our left flank. But in the end, the first turn was a bit uneventful.
Later the events followed. I will now just mention some highlights. My Chaos Forgefiend nearly took out a whole Blood Angles Jump Squad, including the priest. After that it was shot into pieces like always. During the whole game the Imperial Basilisk annoyed our forces and took out plenty of Necrons and other unworthy troops like Cultists. It took a while to take him out. The main fight took places in the center of the game, two objective marker were placed there and both teams needed to get them. The Imperial frontline mostly stayed static. At turn three or four some of them advanced and left a Chimera right in the line of fire. Due to lack of targets my Preditor shoot at it and it exploded in a huge explosion taking out plenty of Imperials, Necrons, Chaos Cultists and Blood Angels. This was a huge surprise for everyone. The building on our right flank was the location of a massive bloody close combat between Blood Angels, Chaos Cultists and Plague Marines. The Chaos Forces were inferior till the Deamon Prince arrived. He smashed the remaining Sons of Sanguinius away. On our right flank a Tau Krisis team hold a very important objective, which was worthy two points for us. We took plenty of forces to get it, but in the end the Tau Commander survived and our we couldn’t fullfil these two goals.

After five turns and eight hours of gaming the result was clear. The good guys won with one point more. They managed to secure a point, which also had a value of two points, because they got two mission objectives for it. The sad thing about that one was, that one of my Plague Marines stood only one floor away and till the end I thought was near enough to contest the objective marker.

Final Thoughts
It was a really nice game with plenty of cool and also funny moments. The battlefield is a little bit to small to play a 6000 points game over the long sides and the long break from Warhammer 40.000 resulted in plenty of reading sessions. Is it just me, or are the rules splitted and referenced too much? To clarify one situation I had to read through 4 sections or so… hm.. practice!!