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[DZC] PHR vs. Scourge 13.07.15

Last monday we had a nice game of Dropzone Commander. The game only includes the PHR and Scourge armys from the starte sets. I think the armys have a value of about 540 points. The played scenario was the standard mission with three objective markers placed in the center of the city board.

Phase 1
The PHR player quickly moved forward to the center mission goal. The Scourge player made a pincer movement and flanked both sides of the PHR forces.

Phase 2
The PHR player got the initiative and entered the center building with both of his Immortal squadrons. The Scourge player entered the building with the southern mission objective with one of his fighter squadrons. The other Squadron took its way to the northern objective marker. The PHR player placed his Phobos anti air walkers at the back of the center building to secure his Immortals. In the south the Scourge Reaper battlegroup got into place to cut the return way of the Immortals for the case they would find the objective. The PHR Ares walkers were dropped near the northern mission objective and so were the Reaper tanks.

Phase 3
This time the Scourge player won the initiative and attacked the Ares walkers and damaged one of them. The Ares walkers fired at the Invader transporter, which headed to the northern objective and destroyed it, but the fighters survived. The Scourge Reapers attacked Neptune medium dropship, which belonged to the infantry battlegroup. The Neptune got 1 lifepoint left. The PHR player attacked the Scourge Hunters with no effect. They also fired their machineguns at the Scourge infantry, also with no effect. The infantry moved on by foot. The sourthern Scourge troops manned the walls and took a concentrated shot at the Immortals in the center building resulting two damage points. The Immortals attacked the walking Scourge infantry an destroyed two bases and left the last one with 2 LPs. The Juno transporters attacked the Reaper tanks and destroyed one.

Phase 4
The Scourge Player got the initiative a second time and attacked the Ares walkers and destroyed them. The PHR player activeted his Phobos walkers and took down the Hunters dropship and also killed the last infantry base. The Scourge fighters in the southern building didn’t manage to find the objective and shot at the Immortals another time. The building got 7 damage points. The PHR player activated his Ares dropship and attacked the Reapers managing to take one out. The last Reaper flew to not get shot in the next phase. The PHR Immortals found the objective, but stayed in the building. The PHR player fearde the remaining Reaper and decided to wait till it got taken out. The Immortals instead killed one Hunter tank.

Phase 5
This phase was the critical one. The PHR got the initiative and attacked the Hunters with his Phobos walkers. They left one tank alive. The Scourge Reaper managed to take out the Neptune dropship of the PHR infantry battlegroup. From now on the objective was nailed to the center building. The last chance for the PHR player was to clear the path for his Junos, but the desperate act to attack the last Hunter with his dropship failed. Additionaly the Scourge infantry found the objective and managed to get away with it. This was the end of the game.
I really enjoyed this small game, although I just wrote down the protocol 😀
Maybe, next time my Resistance forces are ready 🙂