Some months ago I purchased some bomber, fighter and torpedo models from This is a platform where you can order 3d printed models and somebody took the time to create these ones. They should replace the card board markers from the battlefleet gothic base set.

I started with a black primer. After that I sprinkled some “stars” onto the base of the models with white color. I do this with all of my bfg models, because in my opinion it brings a bit more atmosphere. I painted all the ships and torpedos with two layers of astronomican grey. These 3d printed models have a rough surface und you need to paint two or more layers to get a got effect. The next step was a wash with nuln oil. Finally the models got a finish with a mix of white and astronomican grey and the torpedos got a red head with evil suns scarlet and squig orange.
I really like the result and I think I will paint more soon.