Monthly Archives: November 2014

[BFG] New cruisers

I searched through my never ending bitz box (it’s really huge ;)) and found some old battlefleet gothic cruisers. The original painting theme is regal blue or kantor blue and white, but I wanted to try a new one.
The basecoat is black followed by white primer. I washed them with agrax earthshade and nuln oil at some areas, wich are more located to the center of the ship.
For the bow I shosed the original colors of my old fleet.


[BFG] Bombers, fighters and torpedos

Some months ago I purchased some bomber, fighter and torpedo models from This is a platform where you can order 3d printed models and somebody took the time to create these ones. They should replace the card board markers from the battlefleet gothic base set.

I started with a black primer. After that I sprinkled some “stars” onto the base of the models with white color. I do this with all of my bfg models, because in my opinion it brings a bit more atmosphere. I painted all the ships and torpedos with two layers of astronomican grey. These 3d printed models have a rough surface und you need to paint two or more layers to get a got effect. The next step was a wash with nuln oil. Finally the models got a finish with a mix of white and astronomican grey and the torpedos got a red head with evil suns scarlet and squig orange.
I really like the result and I think I will paint more soon.

[WH40K] My first Ravenwing Biker

This evening I had the idea to start painting one of my Dark Angels Ravenwing Bikers from my Dark Vengeance Box. And I have to say, that it is not easy to get satisfiable accents on this black color.
I started with a mix of Astronomican Grey and Chaos Black, followed by a mix with more grey. Finally I added slight accents with pure grey. I figured out, that there are parts of the model, where it is nice to use the side of the brush and other areas where it is easier to paint the accents directly with the tip of the brush.

But the result doesn’t really satisfy me. I think I have to look for a better technic. The problem with the Ravenwing is, that the primary color is black. The model is black everywhere and you just got those grey accents to work out all the details of the model.

Is there anyone out there with a good idea? I have no airbrush! I already found some technics wich use an airbrush, those won’t work for me.


[WH40K] Chaos Cultists Part… the last one

Here is an update on my chaos cultists. I like those models, but the huge amount of details consume so much time to paint. I also took a picture of my current reactiveted chaos army. And there are some shots of a project I paused some month ago. I don’t know when, but I will work on those squig herders again some day 🙂