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[WH40K] Another container

Whohoo!! I finished another one. Just three more to go. Unfortunately my wood glue went out and I could not prepare the other container for the paint job. That’s why I grabbed my remaining chaos cultists and started to paint them. I just did it and it didn’t feel bad. I think I will finish them in the next two weeks… or not. That’s not for sure 😀

I was really excited when I spotted the Imperial Armor 13 on the forgeworld website as the standard version. The special edition appeared some weeks ago. My hope was, that the standard Version didn’t cost that much. Bit sadly it’s about 45 GBP. Just 5 gbp off the prizr from the special edition. This book covers the renegades independent from a campaign or so, wich did the last renegade lists.


[WH40K] Painting a container

Do you remember my playmobil container? I managed to finish this one 🙂
The first container was an experiment. I tried some new technics. I started with a layer of rust. I used squig orange, blazing orange and rhinox hide to create a dirty rusty base color. After that layer dryed I applied a layer of liquid masking tape on specific areas on the container.
The next step was a layer of boltgun metal. I also applied some liquid masking tape around the area I put it the step before. The intention was to create a multilayer altering effect.
This was followed by a layer of green… I can’t remenber wich one. I just grabbed a can of green from my desk.

I thought it would be cool to have some lost containers from the all mighty imperium. In order to mark them I cutted out an aquilla template. I used an old overhead projector film. These films are very stable and you can get nice results with a sharp knife. It has to be very sharp…very sharp. Otherwise it’s is nearly impossible to get all the details from the aquilla. I’m quite happy with the result and I hope I never have to do this again. My heartbeat raises when I finished the last parts of the emblem… thhe body..yeah I saved the huge part for the end.

Unfortunately my sprayed auillas didn’t get as detailled as the template. Based on the structure of the surface I couldn’t get the template directly onto it. And so the result got a bit blurry. Perhabs I can optimize that for the future ones.

After the aquilla dryed I scraped of the liquid masking. After some time I realized, that I applied way too much of that thing onto the model. It costs really much time to locate the areas, where you put that stuff and then to remove it completely. I’m not really sure, but I think it is much faster to create those effects of rusty material afterwards with a tank brush and so on.

Finally I applied a mixture of rhinox hide and squig orange for some dirt effect. I realized that this won’t suffice. And I washed the whole container with agrax earthshade. Perhabs I will paint more details on the next one, but I wanted to finish this one yesterday.


[WH40K] Preparing the containers

This is a small post, where I want to show you my progress I made witch my playmobil containers. I treat them with my rotary tool. I at first took just two or better three of them. Just to test out the possibilites. Those playmobil plastic is very tough 😀 You need to apply a bit of force to get some good results. I decided not to close the slots on top of the containers. The problem was, that the surface of the plastic is very shiny. In order to prevent some aweful glnces from the interior of the containers I applied some black pimer onthe inner parts of the containers before I glued the top cover onto them. I glued the damaged containes on bases and applied some glue water and sand on them. That’s all for now 🙂

[WH40K] Maelstrom Game 1000P Chaos vs Tau

This Tuesday we played the maelstrom mission tactical escalation with 1000 points. My chaos army faced the tau army of a friend of mine. I like these new tacticel objective thing. The game gets really dynamical and you never know exactly what will make a valueable objective in the next phase. According to that all my warhammer 40k games I played before seem to be totally static.
I realized that my new playmobil containers give excellent cover. The battlefield is totally different now. I like them and have to give them a bit attention next week.
The best units in this game were my predator, my old or new landraider and … my cultists 😀 Yeah, they totally rocked during this game. My Tau enemy flanked a unit of ghosts behind my frontline and played a cat-and-mouse-game with my forces. I hate this jump-away-movement in the end of the hand-to-hand-combat phase. But my cultists nailed them down and ended this situation. And additionally they captured an objective for me. Very disappointing was my bike squadron. They managed to charge the broadside battlesuit from my oponent, but it took three rounds to take him down. I hate that energy weapons only got ds 3…
Whatever, it was a really nice and enjoying game 🙂