In the past weeks we played some matches of Killteam and I like it. I like these small games, where every man could count. It was meant to be an appeal for the members of my tabletop group to expand their 40K armies. The nice thing about killteam is, that you can play with a really small amount of miniatures. So you don’t have to bauy and paint lots of stuff.

But I realized, that killteam games are really depending on the battlefield. There has to be a lot of cover to offer enough tactical possibilities. That’s why our games are getting a bit boring. The battlefield is always the same 😀

The amount of scenery I build for my table ist enough for a nice 40K match, probably it is already too much. I started to use some fantasy scenery in the killteam games too. So I probably need to build some extra stuff for that. 🙂

And finally some images from our latest games.

IMG_20140603_200025 IMG_20140603_200037

IMG_20140603_204621 IMG_20140603_204630

IMG_20140603_212208 IMG_20140603_212233

IMG_20140603_212328 IMG_20140624_204442

IMG_20140624_204500 IMG_20140624_204507

IMG_20140624_204523 IMG_20140624_210119

IMG_20140624_210154 IMG_20140624_211651

IMG_20140624_211713 IMG_20140624_211735