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[WHFB] Night Goblin Regiment

I was working on some night goblins for my fantasy army. It takes a lot of time to paint them in such a detailed way, but I don’t want to do it in a sloppy way.

For the cloak I took chaos black with a bit of regal blue. I highlighted it with a mix of chaos black, regal blue and commando khaki.

The skin is something like an overkill 🙂 I began with orkhide shade, followed by knarloc green and then goblin green. I highlighted the skin with a mix of goblin green, bleached bone and a bit of golden yellow. After that I took another mix with more bleached bone. I repeated that till a pure layer of bleached bone.

One of the eye-catcher of the model is the bad moon icon on the shield. I tried hard to make the shield look as good as possible. I started with a layer of skull white followed by golden yellow and a mix of golden yellow and sunburst yellow. I added a layer of gryphone sepia to produce some shades. After that I highlighted the moon with a mix of golen yellow, sunburst yellow and skull white. I repeated that by adding some more skull white.
IMG_20131107_204105 IMG_20131107_235126 IMG_20131114_165007